Welcome to Central Phoenix, AZ Real Estate

Professional photo of Joe Janus, Arizona Real Estate Expert
Joe Janus, Arizona Real Estate Expert

Welcome to Central Phoenix, AZ Real Estate website. Explore the sought-after luxury neighborhood in Phoenix, AZ, and learn about the area’s real estate market.

You’ll see information about various neighborhoods, local businesses, buyer and seller tips, what it’s like living in Phoenix and anything else that I can come up with that could be valuable to you! What we bring to the table is years and years of local knowledge and an appreciation for the variety of homes in all their details and styles. You may not need us to help you find that charming tudor in Willo, but we’d be thrilled to help you navigate through every view, every finish, the smells and sounds of each block. We want to find a place that fits who you are, not just your budget, and of course, we make the whole process easy on you. 

Our commitment doesn’t end at the time the deal closes. We’ll provide resources, recommendations and stay in touch with you on a regular basis as part of our Client Appreciation Program.

Give us a call if you’d like us to help you search for that perfect home in Phoenix, AZ.