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It’s no surprise that Okoboji has an abundance of marinas and other boating-related businesses, considering the city is surrounded by water. The Iowa Great Lakes area provides access to everything you need for a vacation, from boats and water sport rentals to fishing paraphernalia to even fish-scaling services! Marinas abound in this city, and they provide first-rate services.

Boat rentals in Okoboji are available for you and your loved ones to take a ride and spend the day on one of the lakes in Okoboji. Fishing lessons and crash courses are available for children and adults who want to learn the art of fishing from a professional angler and return home with fish for supper.

It’s not only amusement parks, fishing, and the arts that Okoboji has to offer; it’s also a great place to try out a new watersport, captain a new vessel, and appreciate the beauty of marine life. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about searching maritime shops in Okoboji because of the abundance of marina businesses in the area.

Oak Hill Marina

176 US-71 Arnolds Park, Iowa, 51331

A marina in Iowa’s Great Lakes region provides a wide selection of marine equipment, servicing, rentals, and warehousing. A variety of peripherals and water-related items are also purchasable at the facility. Apart from a setting that is assured to be welcoming and comfortable, you will have all you need for an unforgettable and exciting day on the lake.

Mau Marine

1400 Gordon Dr Okoboji, Iowa, 51355

If you’re looking for a full-service marina and boat dealership in Okoboji, Iowa, go no farther than Mau Marine. With a focus on boating-related services, Mau Marine provides everything a boat lover could ask for regarding accessories, equipment, and services, including boat servicing, boat rentals, boat storage, boat slip rent, and more!

Parks Marina

24457 178th St Okoboji, Iowa, 51355

In 1983, Parks Marina on East Lake Okoboji first began serving the boating community. A small fishing boat sales and repair facility has grown into a three-location enterprise with marinas, sales, service, storage, boat rentals, pro-shops, and specialized retail stores that offer a wide range of goods and services.

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